To remain motivated in your work you need to find the right balance between challenge, skill level and capability.

If challenge is too low you likely get bored and switch off, if challenge is too high you can become overwhelmed.


Several factors influence your level of job challenge:

  • The pace at which you work.
  • The hours you to choose to work.
  • The effort you invest to get your job done.

They all impact on your ‘work capacity’, your ability to do, think, relate and anchor to purpose.

Master or slave?

It is estimated that 40% of what you do each day  is habit.  This includes your work habits.

Work habits driven by automatic decisions, decisions you make without give active thought to the pros and cons.

Do you know how many of your decisions about the way you work are habits?

Are you the master of your work habits or are you a slave to them?

Take stock

Take stock of your work habits and understand what they imply?

Ask yourself:

  1. What are my work habits in regard to pace, hours and effort?
  2. What do they impact for my ability to do, think, relate and be self directed?
  3. If I changed my work habits, could I better sustain capacity to do, think, relate and be self directed?


Choose to be the master or slave of your work habits.

The master of the pace you work, the hours you work and effort you invest.

Do your current work habits result in fatigue, poor memory, foggy thinking and a pervading sense of overwhelm?  If so, changing your work habits provides is an opportunity to access:

  1. More sustainable energy.
  2. Improved memory and concentration.
  3. Improved mood and job satisfaction.
  4. Less stress and overwhelm.
  5. Better quality work-life boundaries.

And I could go on.

What is next?

  1. Take stock of and become aware of your work habits.
  2. Understand what they imply for pace, hours and effort.
  3. Assess their impact on your ability to create sustainable capacity.
  4. As you see fit, take the opportunity to make change.

Be the master of your work habits, choose not to be a slave to your work habits.

Good luck.

To explore how to cultivate sustainable work habits call or email me.


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