The term ground hog’s day is used to describe a situation in which we feel frustrated or stuck.

It implies we are doing the same thing, getting the same result, but are not content with the result.

Are you experiencing ground hog’s day?


Mindsets determine how you view and experience the world.

They are informed by your beliefs, broadly categorise into;

  1. Beliefs of which you are aware; also called conscious belief.
  2. Beliefs of which you are not aware; also called sub-conscious beliefs.

You use both to be efficient and effective in making decisions in your daily life, in and out of work.

If your work life is moving along as you would like, the distinction between the types of beliefs will hold of little interest to you.

However if you are finding yourself doing the same thing, getting the same result but not satisfied with the result, understanding your beliefs and how they influence your mindset and hence your decisions becomes more important.


If you want to change your mindset, to understand why you are making certain decisions, you need to understand your beliefs.

Of particular importance is understanding your sub-conscious beliefs, those that drive your automatic decisions, the decisions to which you give little or no rational and considered thought.

To change your mindset, the first step is to develop awareness.

Awareness to understand:

  1. What your beliefs imply for your views and perceptions.
  2. How your beliefs influence and shape your experiences.

And once you have this insight, awareness of:

  1. What changes you need to make in your views and perceptions.
  2. How these changes will allow you to shape a different experience.

With the intent that you can do things differently to achieve a different result.

An opportunity

I describe the situation of doing the same thing and getting the same result, as an opportunity.

A frustrating experience like the feeling of ground hogs day is an opportunity.

An opportunity to explore the what, why and how of what it is you are doing that leads to the result you do not want.

To explore how your beliefs and hence your mindset are playing a role in creating the unwanted result.

What is next?

Ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What am I doing?
  2. Why am I doing this?
  3. How am I doing this?

Understanding the what, why and how can give you insight into how you can create a different result.

However be aware, the answers you discover to these questions can be challenging and confronting.

The payback comes from the time you use to pause, reflect and understand the reasons for your ground hogs day, that creates for an opportunity for to ask how you create a different result.

Good Luck.

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