What is The Capacity Equation?

It is the what, why and how of building sustainable high performance capacity:

  • The high performance capacity model comprises five key performance pillars.
  • Four pillars represent performance capabilities; to do, think, relate, and be self-directed.
  • The fifth pillar represents mindset, how beliefs, values and perceptions shape performance.
  • It provides a roadmap and clarity which can be used to build a performance blueprint.
  • To facilitate know-how for using feedback loops to achieve maximum performance potential.

The Capacity Equation describes the unique blend of ‘knowledge, focus, strategy and productivity’ required for cultivating sustainable capacity for high performance.

It is the formulae individuals, teams and businesses require to:

  • Craft and deliver on a purpose, vision and strategy that is solutions and future focused.
  • Foster a high performance thinking to be adaptive, agile and relevant in decision making.
  • Build sustainable energy, to remain productive in a busy and demanding workplace, and
  • Engage, inspire and motivate, effectively collaborate and influence outcomes, self and others.
  • Cultivate mindset; the beliefs, values, perceptions & attitudes for enabling high performance.

In corporate speak, it explains the compelling business case of what, why and how of driving step change in individual, team and performance essential to enabling business success.