What is The Capacity Equation?

It is the what, why and how of creating sustainable capacity by design:

  • Capacity is defined as the maximum something can produce or contain; capacity to perform.
  • Sustainable high performance is most effective when capacity is ample and resilient.
  • Ample because it describes consistency in personal and business performance capacity.
  • Resilient as it describes capacity that can withstand inevitable environment ebbs and flows.

The Capacity Equation describes the unique blend of ‘knowledge, focus, strategy and productivity’ required for cultivating sustainable capacity for high performance.

It is the formulae individuals, teams and businesses require to:

  • Craft and deliver on a purpose, vision and strategy that is solutions and future focused.
  • Foster a high performance mindset to sustain agility and focus in decision making.
  • Cultivate sustainable energy for delivering in a busy and demanding workplace, and
  • Engage, inspire and motivate colleagues, employees as well as themselves.

In corporate speak, it explains the compelling business case of what, why and how of driving step change in individual, team, employee capability and business performance effectiveness.