Jan McLeod

I am Jan McLeod, the founder of The Capacity Equation.

I am a high performance coach, mentor and speaker.

A specialist in building sustained high performance capacity for individuals, teams and businesses.

Be a high performer

The pace of change and the complexity in business and life continues to accelerate.

Individuals, teams and businesses are striving to be smarter and more agile in dealing with change, pace and complexity.

How to sustain quality in doing, thinking, influencing, being self-directed despite inevitable ebbs and flows of work demands.

How to gain clarity of what is a high-performance mindset, the values, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that distinguish high-performers.

Performance capacity equation

My focus is on the what, why and how of building sustained high performance capacity.

The bedrock of individual, team and business performance.

I build awareness and insight into performance knowledge, strategy and mindset for:

  • Individuals and teams thriving physically, mentally and psychologically.
  • Businesses fostering informed, productive, influential, adaptive, self-directed employees.
  • Businesses aligning employee performance with business strategy.

Work with me

I am a highly skilled coach, mentor, speaker, a specialist in high performance.

I understand what is required for individuals, teams and business to build sustained high performance.

I draw on 20 years experience in Senior Corporate roles across several industries, in areas including strategy, finance, product, relationship and change management.

And my expertise in areas including coaching, human transformation and physiology.

I will instill a desire for awareness, a curiosity for learning and a thirst for being a sustained high performer.

Ciao Jan

Expert Topics:

High Performance Capacity, High Performance Mindset, Change Management, Art & Science of How you Think-Feel-Behave, Brain Based Coaching, Strategic Thinking, Wellbeing for High Performance, Stress Management, Energy Management, Decision Fatigue, Performance Blockers, Performance Habit Change