Individual Capacity

Performance Capacity by Design

This program is focused on building sustainable capacity for individual performance.

Individuals seeking to better perform in one or more areas of their performance capacity.

Who are seeking to be:

  • More adaptive in their thinking.
  • Influential in their relating.
  • More productive in their doing.
  • More self-directed in their purpose.

It is ideally suited to:

  • Emerging leaders, those who are seeking to take charge and create step change in their performance.
  • Established leaders seeking to reinvigorate their performance effectiveness in an existing or future role.
  • And those looking seeking guidance on how to prepare for, shape and identify their next career move.

It is an individual talent management initiative, that uses one-one-one coaching as a powerful catalyst to achieve step change in performance.


The Program

What is sustainable high performance?


Is the capacity of an individual to consistently produce superior outcomes.   

To consistently perform across the four pillars of high performance.

To sustainably be productive, adaptive, influential and self-directed.

What will participants learn?

Participants will:
  1. Build awareness of the areas that enable sustainable high performance potential.
  2. Identify and understand how to leverage their high performance capacity pillars.
  3. Identify and target their performance areas requiring development.
  4. Build a tool kit of take-away insights, strategies and tools.

What is the Program format?

  • A Capacity Assessment Report.
  • A Strengths Assessment Report.
  • Four Executive Coaching Sessions.
  • A targeted action plan tailored to individual performance needs.
  • Access to follow up coaching to further embed, extend and/or tailor learning's.


  • It is a program designed for those identified as being or having the potential to be high performers.
  • Designed for individuals committed to investing effort over time to enable their performance potential.
Seeking more information:

For further program information we invite you to call or make contact via email.

What are the key topic areas?

Four pillars of high performance capacity:
  1. Capacity to do; how to be productive, despite ebbs & flows in work demands.
  2. Capacity to influence; how to engage, collaborate & motivate self & others.
  3. Capacity to adapt; how to be agile, relevant and focused in decision-making.
  4. Capacity to self-direct; how to purposeful, to be future and solutions focused.

The program explores:

  • The value available for leverage from each of the four pillars of performance.
  • How the four pillars of performance combine to shape high performance capacity.

Participants learn:

  • How to create sustainable capacity to perform.
  • How to leverage performance strengths.
  • How to manage performance development areas.
  • How to manage a career based on performance strengths.