Team Capacity

Mindset by Design

This program is focused on building high performance team thinking and mindset.

It can be delivered as a talent management program; comprising a workshop supported by individual executive coaching sessions.

Or delivered in a keynote, seminar or workshop format as a targeted talent management initiative.

It is designed to bring insight as to how individual thinking and mindset combine to shape and influence team performance.

It is most effective anchored to a specific area of focus. 

Areas include complex problem solving, strategic thinking, innovation, communication, collaboration and leadership.

It is also ideally suited to teams seeking to leverage diversity of thought.  

A scenario underpinned by the belief that the benefits available from whole team thinking are greater than benefits from individual thinking, particularly where complex problem solving is the focus. 


The Program

What is the focus of the workshop?


Stephen R Covey said “the way we see the problem is the problem”.

John Kotter said “the central issue for business is never strategy, structure, culture or systems.  The core of the matter is about changing the behaviour of people.”

It requires you to understand how mindsets:

  • Influence how you decide what problem it is you and your team need to solve.
  • Determine the alternate and potential solutions you see and consider.
  • Influence the type and focus of the change strategy you believe is most effective.
  • Reflect how you engage, collaborate, motivate and enable accountability in those delivering your business vision. 

What will participants learn?


They will learn:

  • The art and science behind thinking preferences.
  • What is implied by how they prefer to think.
  • What is implied by how the team prefers to think.

They can apply this insight to:

  • Leadership
  • Complex problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Innovation
  • Influencing
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Why is mindset important?

Formulae for high performance:
  1. Select individuals, skilled in their own right but whom when brought together complete a circle of competency and attitude.
  2. Foster a culture of reciprocity, respect and cohesiveness that also supports constructive debate and discussion.
  3. Promote buy in, accountability and passion to an agreed vision and purpose that drives success.
  4. Provide access to tools, funds and resources to bring the vision to life, to make it a reality.

All ingredients are essential but not sufficient.

In addition you also need:

  1. Understanding of individual and team thinking preferences. 
  2. What individual thinking preference imply for performance; and
  3. What team thinking preferences imply for combined team performance.

What is the Program format?

  • Focus on the nominated area of thinking.
  • A Thinking Preference Report for each individual.
  • A Thinking Preference Profile Report for the team.
  • A workshop to explore the art and science of thinking preferences.
  • A workshop to explore implications of the team profile report.
  • Individual executive coaching sessions to identify development opportunities.
  • Targeted action plans and next steps for individuals and the team.
  • Access to follow up coaching to further embed, extend and tailor and learning's.

In addition:

  • It is recommended participants also complete a Performance Strengths Assessment.