We work with clients from a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines, in a nature which is most suitable to each.

Some of our clients include:

  • Viacom Media Australia
  • Edelman PR Australia
  • Transfield Services
  • CEO Institute
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • New Horizons
  • Estee Lauder
  • The Trust Company
  • Quay Consulting
  • Uniting Care Parramatta
  • Public Relations Institute of Australia
  • Bronx International

We also donate our time to:

  • Dress for Success


Jan’s input has been invaluable in ensuring the ongoing success of my small business.

As a small business owner it was important to me to find someone who could support me on my business journey. Jan has been a wonderful business mentor, helping me to clarify my business goals and embrace the self-development I need to successfully grow my business.

Working with Jan has enabled me to gain valuable insights into myself and use this learning to achieve work and personal goals. Her direct, educated and considered approach appealed to my own work sensibilities – we didn’t lose any time getting to work!

I look forward to our sessions together.

As a pharmaceutical industry employee who has participated in many workshops over the years, I have no hesitation in providing a personal recommendation for Jan McLeod to those looking for an engaging, knowledgeable and empathetic facilitator. Jan took the time to understand the needs of our leadership team, asked the right questions and provided helpful insights during the preparation for our workshops. Collectively, we had very positive feedback from those who participated in Jan’s workshops.

As a Chair of two 2020 Exchange CEO consortiums, we invited Jan McLeod in to discuss ‘diversity of thinking’ within corporate environments.  Jan’s expertise challenged the way the members thought about this topic and inspired them to make practical changes to their business leading to real outcomes.

In working with Jan in a number of different roles and companies, including her engagement as a strategic consultant, I have developed enormous respect for Jan skills.

It is my experience that you will not only benefit from Jan’s wealth of knowledge and experience across areas including strategy, change and business management – you will also benefit from her commitment to guide, facilitate and generate the insight required to arrive at a well-considered and targeted strategic business solution informed with an understanding of practical operational outcomes.


I highly recommend Jan and her work.  I found my coaching experience with Jan to be insightful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

She guided me through a well thought through process.

Providing me with the right combination of structure and flexibility and an appropriate blend of encouragement and challenge, that enabled me to achieve my coaching goals

I would highly recommend Jan to any business who is looking at how they can maximise the effectiveness of their organization or teams through improved capacity management.

I initially contacted Jan to help with our wellness program and she’s helped us to take this program to the next level, by making very clear links between wellness, capacity, thinking styles, purpose and the impact on business performance.  She has a wealth of information and enthusiasm across these topics and her workshops leave you with new insights and a curiosity to learn even more.

Jan has also run sessions for our executive team including individual coaching sessions.  She is excellent at looking at the holistic view of managing your capacity and drilling down to which levers are the most important for each individual to focus on to move the needle on effectiveness.  I personally had some great “aha” moments which have changed the way I look at my own personal development priorities and plans

We engaged Jan and her company to work with one of our project teams that was under considerable stress. We take our people care seriously and could see that the strains of the project were not just affecting the project outcomes but also the daily lives of the team.

Jan’s Resilience by Design program was a revelation. The focus on building resilience within the team – physically, emotionally and mentally was just what we needed at that point in time. Jan’s team worked with us as a group and also individually to tailor suggested changes to diet, lifestyle and working practices to make the team more resilient and thus more productive and happy.

Some of the team continued to consult Jan once the initial engagement was concluded and the feedback and end results were exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend this program and working with Jan if you want to improve your teams individual and collective wellbeing and their ability to produce quality outcomes under the daily stresses of working life.

Both syndicates had the opportunity of hearing and being  involved in this interactive presentation.  Jan is certainly more than a nutritionist.  Her 20 years in the corporate world has given her practical insights and in-depth learnings as to the real necessity for Managers to master effective stress management. In corporate speak, a compelling business case.

We engaged Jan at Varian, by recommendation from an associate, to help our management team balance demands of a complex business in continued growth. Jan’s commitment to understanding our business meant she was able to deliver tangible and relevant actions.

Many of the team have adopted these actions to managing their work performance and wellbeing.  Several of our managers have proceeded with private consultation with Jan, as they continue to explore the very real symbiotic relationship between performance and wellbeing.

I don’t believe that it is coincidental that we will deliver our best results this year as we continue our personal and professional development learning.

As a talent management strategy engaging Jan McLeod and her company to deliver this workshop program has been one of the best investments we have made.

Edelman engaged Jan McLeod to design and deliver a series of workshops for our employees focused on building awareness and strategies to better cope with a demanding workplace.  Her experience in business, combined with her expertise in high-performance capabilities and the physiology that underpins workplace wellbeing, enabled Jan to bring the relevant and tailored learnings required by our teams’ to increase their resilience and overall performance.

Jan is truly inspirational.  We recently had Jan conduct a day session for our team and everyone has taken something away, I have seen real changes in the team and our attitudes to work and life balance.  The impact of continuous stress on the body was clearly defined by Jan and she gave us easy tips to cope and realistic dietary advice. We felt Jan understood as she has lived the corporate life!

Jan talked to our extended leadership team and was able to hold the attention of a large group through an interactive and engaging approach.  She delivered a clear and concise message, distilling some complex concepts into easily remembered and actionable material.  It was a fun, energising and educational session with universally positive feedback.

Jan joined as at a leadership program earlier this year, and apart from keeping the room fully engaged, she had us all go away with knowledge and skills to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. She touched on nutrition in a way that we all could understand – identifying the positives and negatives in what we are eating, the importance of rest and relaxation, the benefits of exercise and ways to nourish the body that we so often neglect. Jan also took us through Meditation sessions at the end of what were quite long and mentally tiring days. The group all found Jan’s calming approach to this a fantastic way to wind down and relax, also leaving us all with tips and ways to meditate or relax when we are either time poor, or have limited space. Jan was not only insightful and realistic with her approach to health, but passionate about what she does with an infectious, fun personality.