Engaging, informed, challenging and solutions focused.

Jan is a highly skilled executive with an unusual blend of experience.

It includes 20 years in Corporate, where Jan held various senior management roles across several industries in areas including strategy, financial, relationship, technology and change management in Australia and overseas.

After a traditional corporate career she began to look for new challenges.  Jan established a boutique consultancy undertaking strategic review and enablement for medium sized corporates.  However new learning and challenge continued to beckon her.

She went on to study nutritional medicine, then coaching and to pursue her interest in areas she observed were continuing to present as a source of challenge for many businesses. 

What Jan refers to as the “intersect of employee performance, change management, business strategy and business performance.”

Employees are undoubtedly one of a business' most valuable assets.  Employees spend more than a third of their lives at work.

The challenge for business is how to best cultivate this asset to foster sustained performance for the individual, the team and business.  In a way that promotes informed, productive, engaged, self-directed and accountable employees.  A workforce committed and motivated to enabling business strategy and so success.

Whilst at the same time cultivating clarity in the strategic vision of their business, where they also have clear line of sight into how to deliver on this strategic vision.

It has become Jan’s focus and her passion. 

She works as a executive coach, mentor, speaker and a performance consultant.  In working with her clients, Jan brings to bear the full weight of her expertise and experience.

She is an articulate and effective communicator.  A passionate, adaptive and self-directed professional described by her clients as engaging, informed, challenging and solutions focused.

Areas of Expertise:

High Performance, Complex Problem Solving, Diversity of Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Change Management, Brain Based Coaching, Energy Management, Peak Wellbeing