Organisational Capacity

Capacity Resilience by Design

The program comprises a series workshops focused on building sustainable capacity for organisational high performance capability and culture.

It is ideal for businesses who are seeking to create a working environment that fosters mental, emotional, physical and purpose resilience.

For those that view their employee capability as a valued asset.

For those who understand a capacity resilience program is an integral part of a modern workplace talent management plan.


The Program

What is sustainable workforce capability?


There is a link between employee well being, performance and a businesses bottom line.

Research confirms a workforce characterised by high levels of well being is likely more productive, engaged, self-directed and accountable.

Sustainable workforce capability is distinguished by its high levels of employee mental, emotional, physical and purpose resilience

It represents the value generated by actively cultivating sustainable capacity of employees.

What will participants learn?


Learning how to be physically, emotionally and mentally resilient. 

Participants will:

  1. Increase awareness on the links between well being, resilience and sustainable performance capability.
  2. Learn how to use well being to foster physical, emotional and mental resilience.
  3. Build a ‘tool box’ of take-away insights, tools and strategies.

A workforce characterised by quality well being is more motivated, engaged and productive.

What is the Program format?


Workshop Series: 
  • A series of workshops is conducted on a range of well being, resilience and performance topics.
  • Eight core well being, resilience and performance topics are available.
  • Tailored workshops can also be developed on a nominated topic/theme.
  • Focus can be on one or all areas of resilience; mental, emotional, physical and purpose.
  • Workshops generally run from 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Program length is generally from 3 to 12 months.
Workshop Deep Dives: 
  • A deep dive is a workshop focused on an area(s) of well being, resilience or performance.
  • The topic(s) can be selected from one of the core well being, resilience and performance topics.
  • The focus area can also be a client nominated topic/theme.
  • Workshop generally run for 2-3hours.
  • Half and full day programs can also be conducted.
All Workshops: 
  • Workshops can include well being and resilience assessments.
  • Workshops can be supported by one-on-one coaching and/or coaching circles.
  • All participants receive a summary newsletter of take-away insights, tools and strategies.

What workshop topics are available?

Core Topics or Customise

A range of core well being, resilience and performance topics are available. 

Tailored workshops can also be developed on client nominated topics or themes.

Workshops align to one of or more of the three areas of resilience; physical, emotional and mental.

Mental + Emotional + Physical + Purpose Resilience:
  1. How to Build Sustainable High Performance Capacity
  2. How to Leverage Diversity of Thought
  3. How to Architect Wellbeing by Design
Emotional + Mental:
  1. How to Build a High Performance Mindset
  2. The Art & Science of How to Influence Others
  3. How to Work with Your Brain to Improve Performance
  4. How to Build Resilience through Mindfulness
Physical Resilience:
  1. How to Master Energy Management 
  2. How to Master Effective Stress Management
  3. How to Move More and Sit Less