Organisational Capacity

Whole-of-Organisation High Performance

This program focuses on your whole of organisation or business, on how to build sustainable high performance in employee capability.   

It is ideal for businesses who want to foster a working environment characterised by energised, influential, adaptive and self-directed employee performance capability.

For those:

  • That view their employee as a capability pool and a valued asset.
  • Who understand investing in the four pillars of performance; doing, relating, thinking and identifying future possibility is an investment in business performance DNA.
  • Who understand a program invested in cultivating energised, influential, adapative and self-directed employees is essential to a workplace talent management plan.


The Program

What is sustainable workforce capability?


There is a link between employee high performance and a businesses bottom line.

Research confirms a workforce who is more productive, engaged, self-directed and accountable deliver more predictable and sustainable performance over time.

A workforce who delivers more predicatable and sustainable performance over time provide an essential foundation on which to build business success.

What will participants learn?


They will learn how to foster sustainable high performance capability. 

Participants will:

  1. Learn how each performance pillar shapes and influences their performance.
  2. Why the four pillars of performance are interdependent and interconnected.
  3. Learn how to sustainably build and leverage each pillar of performance capability.
  4. Build a ‘tool box’ of take-away insights, frameworks, tools and strategies.

What is the Program format?

The program comprises two elements

  • Workshops/webinars of key high performance topics.
  • Supported by one-on-one coaching or coaching circles.
  • Program length is a minimum of 4months.
  • The vast majority of programs are between 6 and 12 months.
Workshops or Webinars: 
  • Workshops are generally delivered face to face.
  • Where appropriate (multiple locations/time-zones), webinars can included.
  • Workshops cover a range of high performance topics.
Workshop or Webinar Topics: 
  • Workshop content is aligned to the four pillars of high performance.
  • Each performance pillar includes two - three relevent models.
  • Workshops can be designed to incorporate focus on all four pillars.
  • Workshops can be designed to focus on specific pillars.
Assessments and coaching: 
  • There is a pre-program assessment of current performance.
  • Coaching focus is aligned to the pillar(s) of performance to leverage greatest performance improvement.
  • Participants receive a workbook confirming take-away frameworks, tools and strategies.

What topics are covered in workshops?


Topics are aligned to a performance pillar: 

  • Capacity to do; to be productive despite ebbs and flows in work demands.
  • Capacity to relate; to be engaged, motivated, inspire and able to collaborate
  • Capacity to think; to be agile, relevant and focused in decision making
  • Capacity to imagine; to be self-directed and anchored to purpose.
Capacity to do topics include:
  1. Wellbeing by Design
  2. Effective Stress Management
  3. Energy Managment for High Performers
Capacity to think topics include:
  1. Cultivating A Time Management Mindset
  2. What-Why-How of Combatting Decision Fatigue?
  3. How to Build A High Performance Mindset?
Capacity to influence topics include:
  1. The Art & Science of Influence
  2. The Power of Connection
  3. Resilient High Performance
Capacity to imagine:
  1. Shaping Future Possibility
  2. Connecting to Purpose
  3. The Power-of-the-Whole