To state the obvious, we are in usual times.

The COVID-19 virus has had far reaching impact to businesses and its people.

I was invited by Reward Gateway to be part of a panel to provide guidance and insight on a webinar they created for HR Professionals.

Its title: Maintaining Morale, Wellbeing & Company Culture.

Watch-listen to Webinar

It was a pleasure and honour to contribute to the discussion on the webinar.

In case you missed it, below I a providing a link so you can listen or watch the webinar.

Click this link to watch-listen to the webinar from 21 April 2020.

Q&A Session

Stay tuned for a follow up Question & Answer session I completed post the webinar.

I will post the questions with answers here.

Next Steps

If are listening and watching and:

  • You found the insights useful?
  • Perhaps you would like to know more or
  • Are interested in more on wellbeing and high performance?

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So in this unusual times, take care and stay safe.

ciao Jan